How to Find the Cheapest Flights for a Beach Vacation in the Winter Season

It has been an extremely cold winter, and most of us want to flee this cold weather and go where it is warmer. Birds migrate for the winter, so why not follow their wisdom and fly to a beach vacation? You might be concerned that it’s last minute, but don’t worry. In this article, we will explore the most affordable ways to get amazing, last-minute beach vacations! Also don’t forget to follow our Flighthub Google + page for our recent deals.

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Florida, Hawaii, and the Caribbean: Jamaica, Cuba, and Cancun, are great places to look for beaches. For the best beach vacation, explore blogs and forums for cheap trip ideas. For instance, you can find forums about Budget Winter Beach Trip Ideas. Additionally, the Virtual Tourist website features a forum page with the heading ‘Sun/Beach Destinations for Winter’. Often, blogs and forums are excellent ways to find cheap trips. In fact, FlightHub features online travel guides to help you find cheap trips to myriads of destinations.

Are you searching for the cheapest flights from Canada in particular? If you’re a Canadian snowbird, look for cheap flights leaving out of airlines that are bordered along the United States. Often, doing this can help save you money.

In order to get the cheapest deals, consider buying a vacation package. Often, these have fixed rates and are cheaper than booking a regular flight. So consider packages that may include the flight and hotel, or the flight and car.

Many airlines also promote last-minute or getaway specials. Often, these flights depart on Friday or Saturday and require you to return on Monday or Tuesday. In order to make sure you get the best vacation deals, be sure to sign up for your airline’s newsletter if it offers one. Additionally, follow Facebook pages and Twitter feeds for great deals. This is a great way to stay up to speed with new and limited time offers.

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Keep in mind also that airlines often want to sell tickets for the next weekend early in the week. For this reason, they display many flight deals on their websites on Mondays. However, Tuesday at 3pm Eastern Standard Time is the best time to book flights. At this time, airlines try to price-match other airlines. When booking flights, keep in mind that Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are generally cheaper days to fly.

Flights that leave the earliest in the morning or the latest at night are often the cheapest since not many people want to fly very early or very late. These offer another added benefit: many people on these flights put their time to good use by sleeping. If you sleep during your flight, you will have more time to enjoy vacationing!

If you’re booking a last minute vacation, consider bidding websites. Many airlines that have extra seats on flights will let bidding websites like Priceline or Hotwire sell their seats at very low prices.

FlightHub can certainly help you if you have any more questions or if you would like any more assistance to find the cheapest flights or hotels for your winter beach trip. With these resources and ideas, you are sure to find an affordable way to get your relaxing, sunny beach vacation.


Leave the Kids at Home! Top Places for Couples to Retreat in the Caribbean

Are you ready for an escape? A retreat from reality catered for just the two of you? Then why not consider a Caribbean expedition, with FlightHub charting out the course to your special holiday oasis? 

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Unwind & Relax Just the Two of You

What are the best Caribbean destinations to plot out your break from reality? Costa Rica is a Caribbean cure that is the hot spot for many couples that are seeking a vacation in paradise.

Costa Rica or as it translates to in Spanish, ‘rich coast,’ is filled with beaches, rain forests, volcanoes, forests, national parks and more, throughout its small footprint. But the country itself is revered for the loveliness of its natural attributes.

For couples seeking adventures — scuba diving, white water rafting, surfing and canopy tours — are among the activities visitors can partake in. 

For those looking to have a couples retreat, Costa Rica is the perfect destination.

Healing ingredients from the tropics are some of Costa Rica’s attributes that visitors seek out to add to their relaxation. From therapeutic local volcanic components to fruit to coffee to coconut, the richest ingredients can be experienced for a couple’s Costa Rica retreat.

FlightHub Costa Rica Volcano

Volcano, Costa Rica

Arenal Springs Resort and Spa boasts a relaxing location with views of the breathtaking Arenal Volcano. Each junior suite overlooks the volcano and is surrounded with native tropical flowers and fauna. Guests can unwind in the hot springs on the resort property, for the exclusive enjoyment of the venue’s guests. Natria Spa, which is named for the natural substances that are included in relaxation treatments, includes couples massages. Hot stone massage, deep cleaning facials, reflexology and body wraps, are among the many indulgent services couples can savour to unwind from the outside world.

Where are some other Caribbean hideaways where a couple can take a time out for a spa retreat? Why not take a break to the Cayman Islands?

For a sumptuous spa experience, one location beautifully suited for two is the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, on the largest of the island trio, famous for the Seven Mile Beach. This world-class hotel and spa was rated by the Caribbean Journal as one of the Top 10 spas in the Caribbean. On a pristine stretch of white sandy coastline overlooking the turquoise sea, Silver Rain is the spa escape in this renowned hotel. Couples massage, customized facials including the La Prairie treatment, manicures and pedicures are among the luxuries couples can enjoy here. 

The Grand Velas Riviera Maya is another special couples resort in the Mexican Caribbean. Voted the Best Beach Hotel in Mexico, this gem on the beach features the ultimate pampering water therapy in its spa, with the Sensations Pool to ease away the woes of reality. Couples can bask together in aromatherapy treatments, hydrating facials, rhythmic massages and a relaxing rest in the Jacuzzi, while sipping on Mimosas.

Ready to explore cheap flights to Costa Rica, Grand Cayman or Mexico? Let FlightHub book your escape!